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Fezile Dabi District Municipality Speaker

Cllr. Lucky Kubeka

+27 [16] 970 8600

The core function of the Office of the Speaker is to coordinate Public Participation activities, which includes among others but not limited to:

  • Organize, facilitate and mobilize communities in the district to attend all IDP and Budget public participation forums
  • Support and assist local municipalities in the formation, induction and training of ward committees
  • Support and assist local municipalities in assessing functionality of their ward committees

  • Assist ward committees in developing their ward based plans and profiles

  • Coordinate District Managers Forum meetings

  • Coordinate activities of Public Participation Officers and present a district perspective in the Provincial Public Participation Steering Committee

  • Develop strategies to deal with public/social issues within the district in partnership with other Stakeholders, such as SAPS, DOCS, Social Development, Department of Home Affairs, SASSA, etc. Issues such as crime awareness, drug abuse and other substances, acquiring of birth certificates and identity documents, grants, etc.

  • Support and partner with Community Development Workers in their work

  • Help to mobilize and transport local communities to attend National and Provincial Imbizos